CCRUM Employees

Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine

(IX)    A directory of its Its Officers and Employees (Headquarters, Institute/Units)

S.No. Name of the Officer/Employees Designation Group
1. Prof. Vd. K.S. Dhiman Director General Incharge A
2. Hakim Zakiuddin Assistant Director (Unani) A
3. Shri R.U. Choudhury Assistant Director (Admn.) A
4. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Research Officer (Path.) A
5. Dr.ShamshulArfin R.O (Chem) A
6. Hakim Amanullah Research Officer (Unani) A
7. Hakim Misbahuddin Azhar Research Officer (Unani) A
8. Hakim Jamal Akhtar Research Officer (Unani) A
9. Hakim Nikhat Anjum Research Officer (Unani) A
10. Hakim Mustehasan Research Officer (Unani) A
11. Hakim Mahe Alam Research Officer (Unani) A
12. Shri Niyaz Ahmed Research Officer (Pub.) A
13. Shri Devanand Administrative Officer A
14. Shri Mohd. Azhar Khan Asstt. Library &  Information Officer B
15. Dr. Mokhtar Alam Assistant Research Officer (Pharmacognocy) B
16. Ms. Shabnum Siddiqui Assistant Editor B
17. Sh. Syed Shuaib Ahmed Library & Information Assistant B
18. Sh. Masood-uz-Zafar Khan Library & Information Assistant B
19. Sh. Harender Singh Thapa Investigator B
20. Sh. Anirban Rej Investigator B
21. Sh. Harish Arya Junior Administrative Officer B
22. Sh. Mohd. Parvez Accountant B
23. Sh. A.K. Sharma Assistant B
24. Sh. Kamruddin Assistant B
25. Smt. Akhtar Parveen Hindi Assistant B
26. Smt. Usha Philip Assistant B
27. Sh. Haseeb Ahmad SPA B
28. Sh. Masroor Ahmad Senior Stenographer B
29. Sh. A.R. Qazi Senior Stenographer B
30. Smt. Shashi Bala Sharma UDC C
31. Shri Ramzan Khan UDC C
32. Shri Shyam Kumar UDC C
33. Shri Rattan Kumar UDC C
34. Smt. Gayatri Chawla UDC C
35. Smt. Rubina Abbasi UDC C
36. Sh. Mohd. Alishan Qureshi Stenographer-III C
37. Sh. Mohammed Shahnawaz Stenographer-III C
38. Sh. Humayun Amir Stenographer-III C
39. Sh. Rizwanuddin Storekeeper C
40. Sh. Anwar Khan Storekeeper C
41. Sh. Sajid Khan Staff Car Driver C
42. Sh. Parvez Ahmad Driver C
43. Smt. Hemlata LDC C
44. Sh. Mahesh Singh Dangi LDC C
45. Sh. Mahesh Kumar Chalia LDC C
46. Sh. Ved Prakash LDC C
47. Sh. Riyaz Ahmad LDC C
48. Sh. Narender Singh Kataria LDC C
49. Smt. Gulrukh LDC C
50. Ms. Tarannum Nigar LDC C
51. Smt. Leelawati Tollia Sr. Library Attendant D
52. Sh. Mahender Singh Lib. Attendant D
53. Sh. Akhlaque Ahmad Messenger D
54. Sh. Mohd. Saleem Messenger D
55. Sh. Samar Pal Singh Messenger D
56. Sh. Netra Pal Singh Daftari D
57. Sh. Gayasuddin Ansari Messenger D
58. Sh. Azim Khan Messenger D
59. Sh. Ramanand Messenger D
60. Sh. Ranbir Singh Messenger D
61. Sh. Ishrat Ali Chowkidar D