• Setting up of a National Library of Unani System, of Medicine to provide information in the field of its specialization pin pointedly and exhaustively. To work as national focal point for dissemination of information in the field and to interact with other national and international informatic systems.
  • To keep it in accordance with the latest technical developments in the field of IT.
  • To become a Digital Library in due course of time for total computerized services such as TLSS (Total Library Solution Services), Electronic library Security and Inventory solution, Stock Verification, Charging and Discharging, Barcode technology, Subscription services through E-Learning, E-Books, E-Journals, E-Publishing solution etc.
  • Union Catalogue of Unani Literature.
  • Establishment of CCRUM-NET (network) for Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval Services (MEDLARS) and UNANI literature search services to disseminate information to the medical community in India and neighboring countries.
  • To compile a National Bibliography of Unani Books and Manuscripts.
  • To prepare a Bibliographical Dictionary of Unani System of Medicine.